Innovative Business Solutions

In addition to providing educational opportunities, Arizona State University collaborates with Starbucks to solve a variety of business challenges. Aiming to serve as a university branch within the company, ASU harnesses the power and global reach of our esteemed faculty and staff, exemplary students, and state-of-the-art labs and facilities to further drive value for Starbucks. In August 2017, Starbucks expanded its internship program to offer technology opportunities collocated in Seattle and in Arizona at ASU SkySong. The Arizona office partners with ASU to create opportunities for both on campus and SCAP students through internships and early-in-tech full time roles. With ASU’s scale and depth and breadth of knowledge, the collaboration potential is limitless.

Starbucks | Arizona State University
Deb Hall Leferve
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Arizona State University’s focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, and commitment to meaningful impact drives consistent value for Starbucks. We are proud to partner with an institution dedicated to the communities we serve.”