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Starbucks Global Academy (SGA) is designed for Starbucks partners, customers, and community members around the world to build expertise, broaden their knowledge, and be part of positive change. SGA provides curriculum organized by Starbucks areas of passion and expertise, in partnership with Arizona State University. Courses on SGA focus on the topics Starbucks knows best, based on 50-plus years of experience and in collaboration with subject matter experts at ASU: cultivating a deep love for coffee, doing good for our planet and for our communities, creating a welcoming and inclusive "third place", and promoting personal and professional growth. All content on SGA is available on any device, at any time, in any location, at no cost.

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Starbucks Global Academy
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Four schools offering over 125 courses


Pursuit of Good

Third Place

Coffee Academy



Special Learning Collections


Building on the Starbucks Global Academy partnership, Starbucks and Arizona State University partnered to develop Greener Apron. The Greener Apron course covers a range of sustainability topics on an interactive and innovative learning platform from the top-ranked Arizona State University. This course provides Starbucks partners (employees) free access to course materials designed to advance personal and professional goals and give learners the tools they need to lead by example.

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Public spaces and third places are more welcoming to all when we celebrate our shared humanity. By understanding each other, we deepen connections. To encourage more meaningful conversations on this topic, leaders at Starbucks reached out to the experts at Arizona State University to create this 15-course curriculum, designed to address bias through understanding the human experience.

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The Community Impact Lab course offers hands-on, service-learning opportunities for learners to work directly on real-world challenges. Using a human-centered, problem-solving method called "Design Thinking", learners engage closely with a non-profit organization, business, government office or community organization to develop a solution to a critical issue within their organizations. Learners strengthen personal and professionalism skills for their own leadership development.

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There is always more to learn about the vast and wonderful world of coffee. The Starbucks Coffee Academy is designed to explore the many facets of the coffee industry and Starbucks role as a leader in ethical sourcing, roasting, blending, brewing and craft. We have built this collection of courses for learners to discover more about topics that interest them most. At Starbucks, we are enamored by coffee daily and hope others will be too.

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Taking courses in the SGA platform is a great and inspiring experience because I was able to learn and develop myself on my own schedule."

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There are so many interesting courses on Starbucks Global Academy. I find myself excited to learn more and spend my free time taking new classes!"